Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The ancient art

Hall of bulls

This is the ancient art , The Halls of Bulls. After some research, the purpose that the artist draw this artwork is to do record of what they have seen during the day. But some of the researcher said that it is draw because of virtual purposes. They mention that the artist draw many of this animals is to replace their soul after they have killed the animals. Another version for it is, these animals are drawn on the wall is to pray for god to get a lot of animals during the day they go hunting.
However, most of the researcher calm that this animals is draw base on difference seasons because the drawing is draw in difference period and it is overlay. The animals in the art are the species which can find during that period in Europe.They analyses that only animals are found and no human being in the painting because each animal’s species represents a very specific period of the calendar. Horses represent the end of the winter and the beginning of spring; Aurochs represent summer and Stags represent autumn. Example, Aurochs were active in mating during summer, so they drew it. The two bulls that draw facing each other don’t have any meaning because they were painted by different painters at different periods of time. The painters may do not have any concern for the first painting.

learnt a lot of design elements after I have do research on this artwork which is a History of Art and Design's assignment.  

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