Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Ipoh Heritage

Last Saturday I was at my home town, IPOH. I was there because I need to take some photos for photography assignment purpose. I decided to capture the heritage of IPOH because i really like the old buildings and the structure , the architecture design using abstract, column, geometry shape. These are the elements just like the theory that i learn in History of art.It really a amazing when i know that a simple shape line and column can create such beautiful structure.It bring a lots of idea and knowledge when I looking at this structure. I was impress with the architect who design this building. 

This was 1 of the photo that i took during my little photography trip in ipoh town.  

This is the side view of the building.
 Above is a very old building that i found in IPOH town.This structure are design using repeat of column, lines and rectangle shape. i like the way which it is just a simple elements but it can created a nice building and it also eye catching.

This building is actually an old  restaurant since 1906 Dong Hua 东华. But the building it now is no long being use for business or any purpose. The building is now empty.

But I'm glad that this building was not being destroy although it doesn't have any usage purpose.I think that the government have listed this building as the protected building. It have being repaint and this have increase the appearance of the town.

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