Sunday, 1 July 2012


I saw a senior of mine post a video that talks about concept of designing. The author is Kenya Hara, he is a Japanese. His is discussing his book "Designing Design" in that video. His concept in "Designing Design" is emptiness, if there is an emptiness, it will be fill with GOD. It was the old theory of Japaneses culture.

Why he uses the theory of emptiness? He said that, questioning is creating an emptiness, when an emptiness was being create, something will fill into the emptiness. Therefore thinking is an important element in filling that emptiness. The deeper u think, the more you fill the emptiness. The deeper u sink your hand into the water, the more water will gain. Other then that, base on my understanding of his theory, he also mention that, if there is an emptiness only things can be filled into it. Which mean, if there is an emptiness, new idea can be fill in.

Designing is to something visually communicate, therefore if someone i sending a message, the other have to receive it. The emptiness is to receive the message. Kenya Hara have a very deep theory about his emptiness concept. The emptiness have a lot of function in designing, leaving a space in an layout is also a part of emptiness. Space is an emptiness.

In my opinion, emptiness can be something easy or it also can be something that is hard to achieve.To create a emptiness in design is easy. For me, to force ourselves to empty our mind and heart is difficult. Sometime is hard to erase what had already set in our mind, that is why new idea is hard to generate, this is because we already fix some rules in mind and it have become a threat to our creativity. We should give ourselves some space in thinking, so that our brain have space to generate, it won't be stuck.

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