Sunday, 26 August 2012


Is graffiti consider an art? For me, i think graffiti is an art work without publish. Sometime graffiti can be very nice and it may become somethings that can make the appearance of the city look nice. However, not all of the graffiti are like by people, some of the graffiti are annoying but it depends.Some people think that the idea of graffiti is mostly negative and offensive. Most people will ignore it and state that graffiti is a negative action.  

The reason why i think graffiti can be categorize as art because graffiti is a drawing and it is also a painting, just the difference is graffiti i draw on walls.The artist is expressing his / her idea through graffiti. If we analyse their work carefully, you can found out that a lot of design element i being apply in their work. Actually the ancient artist, they are also draw on walls. In ancient country, they will draw some drawing on the to decorate their house.It is to show the wealthiness they have.      

The popular 3D drawing was actually consider graffiti because it was draw on the  public places like roads and also wall.

3D graffiti is more interesting compare the normal graffiti because 3D look real and it give illusion to the audience.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Wine bottle

Since i was young, i like to collect wine bottle. I like it because it is made of glass, it have the crystal like looking and it is transparent. Furthermore, it also have an elegant shape and it is fragile and need to handler with care. It seem similar to my personality, i have secret because i share everything with friends and family just like the bottle is transparent, i wish to have attention form others and i'm scared to get hurt  just like the the bottle need to be handler with care.

Other than that, the purpose kept wine bottle because i wanted too reuse the bottle. I wish to do something interesting using the bottle. I"ll draw , paint or paste something on it to make it look more interesting. After the finishing i like to give it to my friends as a present. For those bottle which limited edition, i will keep as a collection.

The example of bottle sizes.

These are the example painted bottle done by others.

I wish to do something that similar like the one above. I wish to create my own ways in create my style to my bottles.

Bottle design

Bottle design

 Bottle design

Above are the examples of the best wine bottle design. In future , i wish i can publish a wine bottle which is designed by me. ^~^   I hope i'll get the chance of doing so.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

The arcylic painting!


Above is 1 of my favorite image, it is an illustration graphic.I found this image in one of the Facebook page called YooLai Studio.I like this page because i can find many types of illustration collection in this page. Above image have become 1 of  my favorite image because i like the way the artist illustrate the human figure is not in reality form, the colour that apply is soft and clam and the main thing that I like the most is the cursive lines especial  it is very soft and smooth, it give me clam mood everytime I look at. It somehow help me to release stress when i look at it. It have become my wallpaper so that everytime when I do assignment i won't be so stress.

Since i like this image a lot, during the holidays i decided to paint an art mini canvas using this technique. I choose to use acrylic instead of illustration because i'm not good in using computerize

At 1st i wish to draw tin lines but it end up in tick lines because the brush i use i not tin enough to produce the fine lines.
I enjoy the process when i paint this painting. It really need patience to paint this art work, it take me a day to  finished it. I like it so much although it is not perfectly done.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The monorail~ @@

Last week I went to Berjaya time square by using public transport. At 1st I took a bus to KL central then I walk a short distance to take monorail. The monorail was full of people, the people inside were fully occupied every single space of the monorail.
For me, I feel that it really not convenience because it is hard to get myself into the monorail, people are pushing each others to get in the monorail. It was a very dangerous action to do so because people might themselves get hurt. Furthermore, many cases have happened that the monorail having problem rapidly. This matter will bring a lot of inconvenience to the passenger.
I think that the government should take this caution and take immediate action to solve this problem. 

The 1st thing that needs to improve the schedule more often so that people in in urgent will not need to wait for so long for the monorail to arrive. Second is to assure the safety by putting the warning sign in an obvious place so that everyone can see. It may be put to some example of effects if people ignore the safety guidelines.

KL Monorail breakdown

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The ancient art

Hall of bulls

This is the ancient art , The Halls of Bulls. After some research, the purpose that the artist draw this artwork is to do record of what they have seen during the day. But some of the researcher said that it is draw because of virtual purposes. They mention that the artist draw many of this animals is to replace their soul after they have killed the animals. Another version for it is, these animals are drawn on the wall is to pray for god to get a lot of animals during the day they go hunting.
However, most of the researcher calm that this animals is draw base on difference seasons because the drawing is draw in difference period and it is overlay. The animals in the art are the species which can find during that period in Europe.They analyses that only animals are found and no human being in the painting because each animal’s species represents a very specific period of the calendar. Horses represent the end of the winter and the beginning of spring; Aurochs represent summer and Stags represent autumn. Example, Aurochs were active in mating during summer, so they drew it. The two bulls that draw facing each other don’t have any meaning because they were painted by different painters at different periods of time. The painters may do not have any concern for the first painting.

learnt a lot of design elements after I have do research on this artwork which is a History of Art and Design's assignment.  

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Ipoh Heritage

Last Saturday I was at my home town, IPOH. I was there because I need to take some photos for photography assignment purpose. I decided to capture the heritage of IPOH because i really like the old buildings and the structure , the architecture design using abstract, column, geometry shape. These are the elements just like the theory that i learn in History of art.It really a amazing when i know that a simple shape line and column can create such beautiful structure.It bring a lots of idea and knowledge when I looking at this structure. I was impress with the architect who design this building. 

This was 1 of the photo that i took during my little photography trip in ipoh town.  

This is the side view of the building.
 Above is a very old building that i found in IPOH town.This structure are design using repeat of column, lines and rectangle shape. i like the way which it is just a simple elements but it can created a nice building and it also eye catching.

This building is actually an old  restaurant since 1906 Dong Hua 东华. But the building it now is no long being use for business or any purpose. The building is now empty.

But I'm glad that this building was not being destroy although it doesn't have any usage purpose.I think that the government have listed this building as the protected building. It have being repaint and this have increase the appearance of the town.

Monday, 16 July 2012

If the world don't have colors....

What if the world we know is in black and white colors only? What if we can only see everything in grey tone? It's really a disaster for me if i don't see colors anymore in my life. I like colors a lot, especially those colorful paintings. People draw to express their feelings and mood, like they are describing their life and yet color is used as a medium to help make their life more meaningful.

Without colors, we will be living in a world full of sorrow. There won't be happiness and harmony around us. 
 I felt thankful to God as he has such power to create such a beautiful gift for us, human. Everything has its respective colors to represent themselves individually.