Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Wine bottle

Since i was young, i like to collect wine bottle. I like it because it is made of glass, it have the crystal like looking and it is transparent. Furthermore, it also have an elegant shape and it is fragile and need to handler with care. It seem similar to my personality, i have secret because i share everything with friends and family just like the bottle is transparent, i wish to have attention form others and i'm scared to get hurt  just like the the bottle need to be handler with care.

Other than that, the purpose kept wine bottle because i wanted too reuse the bottle. I wish to do something interesting using the bottle. I"ll draw , paint or paste something on it to make it look more interesting. After the finishing i like to give it to my friends as a present. For those bottle which limited edition, i will keep as a collection.

The example of bottle sizes.

These are the example painted bottle done by others.

I wish to do something that similar like the one above. I wish to create my own ways in create my style to my bottles.

Bottle design

Bottle design

 Bottle design

Above are the examples of the best wine bottle design. In future , i wish i can publish a wine bottle which is designed by me. ^~^   I hope i'll get the chance of doing so.

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