Saturday, 18 August 2012

The arcylic painting!


Above is 1 of my favorite image, it is an illustration graphic.I found this image in one of the Facebook page called YooLai Studio.I like this page because i can find many types of illustration collection in this page. Above image have become 1 of  my favorite image because i like the way the artist illustrate the human figure is not in reality form, the colour that apply is soft and clam and the main thing that I like the most is the cursive lines especial  it is very soft and smooth, it give me clam mood everytime I look at. It somehow help me to release stress when i look at it. It have become my wallpaper so that everytime when I do assignment i won't be so stress.

Since i like this image a lot, during the holidays i decided to paint an art mini canvas using this technique. I choose to use acrylic instead of illustration because i'm not good in using computerize

At 1st i wish to draw tin lines but it end up in tick lines because the brush i use i not tin enough to produce the fine lines.
I enjoy the process when i paint this painting. It really need patience to paint this art work, it take me a day to  finished it. I like it so much although it is not perfectly done.

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