Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The monorail~ @@

Last week I went to Berjaya time square by using public transport. At 1st I took a bus to KL central then I walk a short distance to take monorail. The monorail was full of people, the people inside were fully occupied every single space of the monorail.
For me, I feel that it really not convenience because it is hard to get myself into the monorail, people are pushing each others to get in the monorail. It was a very dangerous action to do so because people might themselves get hurt. Furthermore, many cases have happened that the monorail having problem rapidly. This matter will bring a lot of inconvenience to the passenger.
I think that the government should take this caution and take immediate action to solve this problem. 

The 1st thing that needs to improve the schedule more often so that people in in urgent will not need to wait for so long for the monorail to arrive. Second is to assure the safety by putting the warning sign in an obvious place so that everyone can see. It may be put to some example of effects if people ignore the safety guidelines.

KL Monorail breakdown

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