Thursday, 7 June 2012

Couple & Purse

I saw this art work through a page call CELEBRATION in my Facebook which i like to visit often. This art work was produce by Vladimir Kush. I was attracted to this art work because i like the way he create this art piece by combining human ( a kissing couple) with the red purse that fill with gold coins. This creative and unusual combination lead me to some question and i was curious about it. I would say that, the artist successfully grab my attention on his art piece.

The 1st question appear in my mind is the purpose of combining the couple with the purse? 2nd, why the purse is in red ? 3rd, the meaning of those gold coin that fill inside the purse?

In my opinion, i think of these:
Red colour represent love. Gold coin represent gain and sacrifices in love(value). Purpose of combining the couple & the purse is, the purse act as a place where the couple's "love" store.

General idea , the combination of kissing couple with red purse that fill with money represent the value of love which means how much they gain and sacrifice when they love each others. Love is just like the purse, there's always money going in and taking out from the purse and love is balance by disburse and sacrifices.

From the art work, we can know that if more and more money is fill into the purse, the further the couple will be push apart, at last the couple will end up with not kissing each other which means they breakup due to too much pressure.So, a balance is needed in LOVE, a relationship.

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