Friday, 15 June 2012



"Casa Mila" Building, by Antonio Gaudi
The image above is an example of Biomorphic Architecture in Barcelona. This building was design by Antonio Gaudi  and the theme for this fantastic structure is "under water". This structure have presented the natural motion of water beautifully.

I learn (biomorphic) this word during creative communication design lecturer class and it was told by Ms.How. I was very appreciate that she share this to us, it was really something new to know & learn of.

I have seen some of these structure before but i didn't know that these structures are called Biomorphic Architecture. I like this kind of of structure because of its unique design. It was an brilliant idea that using biology in designing building by modifying natural element like bee's have, tree roots....and their organic composition to apply in a building. 

As i know, biomorphic not only apply in architecture but also in industry design too. More and more designer are using this biomorphic theory in their design. The field of Biomorphic are large and deep, researcher are studying every organic element on earth to came out more ideas. 

     This is another Biomorphic Architecture building, its look like a bee's have to me and it look futuristic too. 

     This maybe can be an inspiration of Biomorphic Architecture's element in designing a building. 

 Can find any Biomorphic Architecture in Malaysia??

 Maybe the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur are the one......who knows??  @_@
 Idea from modifying the maize corn.....maize corn ,something that Malaysia rich of, hahaha~~
But,no doubt it is a beautiful & successful building indeed.


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